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I changed my Instagram name, here's why.

Instantly help your Instagram profile be found more easily and perform better.

When an Instagram user searches for a keyword or business, the app looks only at two fields in your Instagram profile to determine if your profile should be returned in the search results. These searchable fields work to help you become discoverable. Which fields? Your username and name fields. Yes, your Instagram username and name fields are searchable! So it makes sense to optimise them.

You can optimise your Instagram profile to perform better in searches by using your business name along with a keyword or phrase about what you do or what you’re known for in the searchable fields. With 30 characters available in each field, having a name that is different to your username gives you twice the opportunity for crafting searchable criteria (and looks more professional too).

Let me show you an example:

Username: @lets_muse

Name: Hello Muse


Username: @hellomuse_marketing

Name: Brand Marketing + Photography

You can see that along with the actual business name, I’ve included brand, marketing and photography as keywords, and I’ve also included marketing as a keyword in both the username and names fields. Having a keyword in both fields creates stronger relevance for that keyword, and increases the chance of the profile being returned closer to the top of the search results.

Updating your searchable fields is something simple you can do straight away to instantly help your Instagram profile become more discoverable and perform better.

If you want more help using Instagram to grow your brand, say hello, and let's go meet your market.


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