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Detox your marketing

5 questions to ask to form healthier habits and see results

Freshly squeezed juice and platter of seasonal fruit
Freshly squeezed juice and seasonal fruits - brand photography for Sundara Yoga's retreat packages

It’s Summer and the start of a New Year; and with that comes all of the resolutions to make the coming year the best yet. Many of us begin thinking about the changes we need to make to live healthier lifestyles including eating more nutritious foods and being more active - leaving our old self behind to make way to focus on the new improved and better version for the coming year. A good ‘out with the old, in with the new’ detox can certainly rid us of our unhelpful habits. And it can work for your marketing as well.

Let’s be real, if you’ve ever felt like an arm-waving inflatable tube man flailing at the thought of what your next Instagram post will be, you may need to revise your marketing habits. Just think about that visual for a while – you post your content and you’re on top of the world with the biggest smile as you engage with your customers and attract attention only to have the wind knocked out when you think, what do I post next? It’s deflating.

With a little planning you can gain clarity about your audiences, the platforms to use to reach them, and the content that they find engaging and motivating. Forming a clear strategy for your social media gives you direction on what content to post and when to post it, to achieve the results you want for your business. Without a strategy to direct your social media marketing... sure, you’re being social, but like our frenetic arm-waving friend, you’re not in control.

You need to get more targeted. Detox from the sluggish comfortable habits bogging you down.

Sometimes it’s easier not to think further about cancelling that underutilised design software license, unused domain name, extra phone line or directory advertising, and just keep paying the cost for this month – which becomes next month – ok next year. Sound familiar?

Unless you know exactly how your marketing tools are working for you, they may be costing you, and worse, holding you back.

Detox your marketing, keeping only the things you need, by doing a simple review against your marketing plan. Here are 5 questions you need to ask to kickstart your marketing transformation.

  1. What’s the purpose of my business? Revisit your reason for being. Reflecting on and reminding yourself ‘who you are’ and ‘why you are’ reinvigorates your focus on what’s important for your business.

  2. Am I using the right tools in my marketing toolbox? Reassess what you know about your customers, audiences, and the platforms they engage with. Determine which tools are driving your results, and trim the fat!

  3. Am I engaging my customers and audiences at the right times? Review your priority products for the year, and when you need to sell them. Your marketing strategy needs to work for you! So juice up where it’s needed!

  4. What improvements will I see if I do nothing? Thought so. The time to start is now! Block out time for your new routine and get moving!

  5. How’s my perspective? Sometimes, taking a look at things from a fresh angle can be enlightening. A marketing expert looking in from the outside, could provide you with new opportunities.

You don’t have to be an expert at every part of your business, but you do need to stay focused on delivering on your plans for success. And if anything’s for certain, it’s that sticking with unhelpful habits will hold you back.

Get targeted, enliven your engagement, and shine up your confidence in your marketing.

To start your marketing detox, say hello, and let’s put some clarity around what you really need.

Plate of freshly cut seasonal fruit
Plate of freshly cut seasonal fruit - brand photography image for Sundara Yoga's retreat packages

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